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Fleet Information

As the system is web-based the new card system will provide you and your company the ability to manage the addition and deletion of cards on your own time frame using your own customized web site. The system is very user friendly and gives you immediate and total control over your account. You can go into your account at any time to check what has been washed and where. You will be able to activate the cards for the services you want your fleet to have access to, such as wash only, wash and vacuum only, or wash, vacuum, and vending products. You will also
be able to pay on line.

We will very shortly be entering our active accounts into the new system so we would appreciate your prompt return of the enclosed account profile update. It is especially important that we get your e-mail address as that is how you will be identified when you access your account.

You will soon be receiving your new cards and instructions on how to get your account set up. The set up will involve deciding who will be able to administer your account then setting up a user name and password that will be unique to your account. You will also need to enter the cards that are authorized to operate on your account. If you need more cards let us know. Of course we will be available to help you with any problems or questions you may have.

The monthly invoices will be delivered through e-mail which means we will need your e-mail address for monthly statement delivery. If you do not have an e-mail address the use of the new fleet card system will not be possible however; you will be able to use your debit/credit card to wash your trucks and vehicles. All major credit cards are accepted.

Each driver must have his wash card in his possession to wash as we will no longer have the ability to enter desk tickets. This should increase your ability to maintain only legitimate employees washing because you will be
maintaining the activation and deactivation of cards.

Because we understand the situation everyone in the Basin is in right now, we would like to do our part to help as much as we can, we have made the decision to drop our per minute price to all our account holders with the start-up of the new system. We are very hopeful that we can operate at this lower price and will hold it as long as we are able to.

Until the new system is installed and running we will continue doing business as we always have. Getting this system going is a huge project that when finished will provide you and your company with much more control over the use and tracking of your vehicle maintenance

We thank you in advance for your patience with us as we make this change-over in billing systems.

We again want to thank you for your business, we truly appreciate it!

-Tri-City Fleet and Auto Wash